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Understanding the common bugs in Tennessee can benefit both new and existing residents. For instance, knowing what bug activity can lead to an infestation and what common insects pose nuisances in homes is worthwhile. This knowledge can improve your chances of managing and solving such pests.

This blog post discusses the health risks of common bugs and pests in middle Tennessee and common bugs found in Tennessee. You can also learn more about poisonous spider species in Tennessee, occasional invaders, and the services of pest control companies.

Health Risks of Common Bugs in Middle Tennessee

Common pests and bugs in Tennessee merely pose a nuisance. However, some do spread diseases and cause structural damage. You may be living in an area near Middle Tennessee and can't help but wonder if common bugs in Tennessee and Georgia pose health risks to humans.

  • First, you have the pain from bug bites to worry about.
  • Likewise, bug bites may result in potential illnesses like Zika viruses and Lyme diseases.
  • Kissing bugs carry the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite, which can spread Chagas' inflammatory infection. This, in turn, causes heart and digestive abnormalities.
  • Ladybug infestations can result in respiratory system issues.

Common Pests in Tennessee

The changing weather conditions of Tennessee also come with a change in the level of pest activities. This includes activities with summer pests and fall pests. Pests may invade homes and businesses in Tennessee as they search for food, water, and shelter.  Some common pests, such as carpenter ants, ticks, and stinging insects, tend to wreak havoc.

You may need professional pest control services to manage these pests. These pests may be described as common pests, threat pests, occasional invaders, and uncommon occupants.

Threat pests

These pests cause damage to humans and property. Read on for a description of common pests and bugs found in Tennessee.

Common bugs found in Tennessee

Here is a list of common bugs that you may find in Tennessee:

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are certainly not a favorite with most people. They may not only bite you in your sleep, but they may also cause damage. It is, therefore, worthwhile to identify bed bugs early and take steps to eliminate them.

Animal blood is a primary source of food nutrients for bed bugs. Therefore, you should take prompt action if bites appear on you or your household members. Check your furniture and bedding for the tiny insects and get rid of them.


Termites tend to be more common in areas with warm weather and are common insects that do more than eat plants and trees. They also devour wood, plastic, and drywall. They, therefore, cause damage to household items and can, in turn, cost you quite a lot of money if you do not take prompt action.

For instance, dry wood termites can infiltrate your house and cause damage to structural materials such as wooden frames. They also attack furniture and food. Therefore, get rid of these familiar insects as soon as you see them.


You may not realize it, but spiders that many people hate are useful arachnids to have in the home. While some of them can be venomous, they generally prey on other bugs and help prevent the buildup of nuisances in your home. For instance, spiders prey on flies, moths, and crickets. Nevertheless, you must take action if faced with a spider infestation.

Some steps to take to deter house spiders include the following:

  • Use boric acid or caulk to fill holes and cracks.
  • Use an appropriate modern chemical pesticide that is effective for home use.

Poisonous spider species in Tennessee

The two species of spiders in Tennessee that are poisonous to humans are the brown recluses and the black widows.

Brown recluses

You can use the fiddle-shaped mark on the heads of brown recluses to identify them. Brown recluses only bite when they are trapped or when they feel pressured. These bites result in a lesion beneath the skin and a small white blister. You may need surgical debridement and several weeks of antibiotic treatment.

Black widows

The abdomen of black widows has bright red markings. Black widows usually attack and bite when something touches the web. If you are bitten, you will feel a searing pain that spreads throughout your body, and there will be two puncture marks on your skin. Such spider bites usually heal on their own. However, you should seek medical attention if you experience more severe symptoms.

Fire ants

Fire ants have a distinguishing dark red or brown color. Their sting carries alkaloid venom that has an irritating effect on human skin. People can develop red bumps, white pustules, and allergic reactions. Calling a pest control professional to resolve a fire ant problem is usually best.

Occasional invaders

There is a reason why common pests such as stink bugs and pantry pests are referred to as occasional invaders. This is because the relative likelihood of these pests infesting buildings is less than that of threat pests. However, they can still cause reasonable property damage and pose significant health risks.

Boxelder bugs

With wings that have marked red edges, the black-colored boxelder bug likes feeding on seed-the-boxelder trees. It is also partial to seed-bearing trees and plants. The feces of boxelder bugs can discolor curtains, furniture, and walls.

Options for preventative treatment of boxelder bugs include filling up cracks and crevices that serve as hiding spots. You can also vacuum them up and invite a pest control professional.

Asian lady beetles

Also referred to as "Halloween beetles," Asian lady beetles have a yellow, orange, or black color. You may also identify some of them by their many black spots. Asian lady beetles are fall pests that prefer feeding on ripened fruit. They also take shelter in cracks and crevices.

Stink bugs

Like boxelder bugs and Asian lady beetles, stink bugs are common among fall pests in Middle Tennessee. Stink bugs have a characteristic odor and foul smell from small thoracic glands.

While the threat of stink bugs to humans is slight, they do cause damage to farm crops.

Some measures to combat stink bugs include weather-stripping of doors and windows. You can also thoroughly treat cracks and crevices.


Weevils are an example of pantry pests that invade properties for food and reproductive purposes. You can find weevils in pantries, cupboards, and other food sources that contain rice, grain, and dry food.

Lightning bugs

Lightning bugs – also called fireflies – are relatively harmless bioluminescent creatures. You can find them lighting up your Tennessee outdoor environment.

Uncommon occupants

These are pests that you may not expect. They include pill bugs, sow bugs, millipedes, centipedes, and firebrats. You may be shocked to find them in areas such as basements and bathrooms as they generally prefer humid, moist areas. You may also find them in outdoor, shady areas.

Pill bugs

Some people also call them potato bugs. Pill bugs are crustaceans that typically roll into defensive ball forms.

Sow bugs

Like pill bugs, sow bugs have segmented armor plates and are round in shape. You can find them in mulch and wooded areas.

Services of Pest Control Companies

Knowing the common bugs in Nashville, TN, or Middle TN may be needed. You may need expert help to eliminate summer or fall pests effectively. After all, you may need to be brave or experienced enough to get into crawl spaces and small areas to apply tight seals.

Here are some services of a pest control company that you can rely on;

Pest protection and control

This service helps prevent pest infestations and remove pests from properties for a healthy home. This service also typically includes a termite inspection process. The company may use an insect or pest identification index to identify pests afterward. Depending on the result, they can eliminate the pest and recommend a pest protection solution.

Pest management

This is a service that can help you control pests. A good pest control company knows the proper pesticide and will follow the correct process. They may even use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system to thoroughly manage insects, mites, and other pests.

This system incorporates the use of biological, chemical, and cultural methods. In addition, your pest control company may provide moisture control tips to help you combat social insects such as ants and bees.

Hire the Services of Experts in Tennessee

This guide on common bugs in Tennessee has covered common pests, occasional invaders, and uncommon occupants. You also read up on the services of pest control companies. DIY fixes for bug problems may not be the best way to go.

You may open yourself up to injuries and potential health and environmental hazards. Inviting a licensed and experienced pest protection or pest control company is essential to help you get rid of common pests. This way, you can be sure of an effective and long-lasting solution.

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