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Silent Destroyers!

Termites are some of nature’s most industrious, resilient and silent destroyers of property that exist in Alabama and Tennessee.  Their scissor-like jaws, and high survival capabilities allow them to secretly and aggressively eat the wood and other materials that constitute your home. Termite damage isn’t usually very obvious and their damage can often go overlooked for many years.  You may never realize they are even present.

Doors & Windows Falling Apart?

Were you vacuuming and the skirting board or door moulding fell apart?  Does the wood sound hollow, look papery, appear saggy or droopy?  Termites hollow out the wood in your home, making it appear weather or water damaged. The “mud” that you may see is in reality termite excrement.  If the inside of a timber has been eaten away and been damaged extensively, your home might have become structurally unsound.  To repair wood damaged by termites, you must remove the damaged wood and replace it with new wood.

Flying Swarmers?

Termites do not hibernate during typically mild winters here in Alabama and Tennessee. They remain active even during the coldest months of the year, eating away at your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   During the Spring, the reproductive type of termites called “Swarmers”, seek out the next suitable location to colonize and reproduce. These are the only termites that come out in the open. You can go for months or years with termites inside the walls of your home or business CoinPal and never be aware of it.   The visible presence of flying swarmers around your Mid-South home is a clear indication that termites are actively attacking and destroying your property.

Billions and Billions in Damages!

Termites are an extremely large problem causing over six billion dollars in damages across Alabama, Tennessee and the USA each year.  Repair might mean tearing open walls, ripping up flooring, and replacing home foundations.  Normally, an infestation isn’t a sudden accidental phenomenon and is rarely covered by homeowners insurance.

Mud Tubes?

Termites are always well hidden. However, there are several signs that could indicate that you have a termite infestation.  Look for mud tubes.  These above ground tunnels are constructed by termites to protect themselves from dry air, predators and also to search for food.  The mud tubes in this picture were discovered this year in a hidden area of crawlspace in the Berry Hill area of Nashville.

Repair vs Prevention?

It’s extremely important to ensure that you don’t already have termites in your house.  It’s usually much more difficult and expensive to repair and apply control measures after they’re already there.  The ultimate goal is to prevent termites from getting into your home in the first place. Atlus’ technicians search for signs of termite activity in and around your home and identify an infestation in the early stages. Atlus actively works to prevent termites from entering your home, and will also eliminate any current infestations you might have.

Prevent Termites and Save!

If you are concerned about termites in your Tennessee home, you may want the help of Atlus’ professionals. The service technicians at Atlus are Termidor Certified Experts that can perform a FREE, thorough inspection, of your home to determine whether termites are currently on your property or not.  We make recommendations about the best course of action to take with termite elimination, termite prevention, or both. Atlus offers preventative treatments that usually take less than a day to apply, offering your home or building high precision, long-lasting, termite protection that begins immediately.  No manual trenching, rodding or drilling required!

Not Sure If You Have Termites?


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